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When Léo Correâ, musician, composer and luthier from São Paulo meets Trio Bacana, a female percussive and vocal trio, the result is an original quartet and a Brazilian ball with a Nordeste sauce.

Léo Corrêa will transport you to the warm lands of the Nordeste with his voice and his rustic violin, the rabeca.

The explosive voices and percussions of Trio Bacana will seduce your hips!

In a friendly atmosphere worthy of popular balls, you will dance close together, in pairs, in the round, to traditional rhythms such as forro, xote, cirandas and cocos. 


Léo Corrêa (vocals, rabeca)

Enora Le Saouter (vocals, percussion)

Barbara Letoqueux (vocals, percussion)

Enora Maillot (vocals, percussion)


  NoBorder Festival, Fisel Festival, Luzy Violin Festival, Run ar Puns, Island Film Festival, International Jazz Festival...



2017:  7Cores (EP)

Contact booking:

Fanch Paranthoen  / / (+33)695 308 008

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