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Spontus defends a new music to dance, an unbridled creativity that weaves the link between dancers and musicians.

A music which often takes off towards new sounds, but which always lands in a fest-noz (ball) when the violin and the guitar kan and diskan, or the accordion and the bass play the bombarde and the binioù. 
Spontus has been dancing in the four corners of Brittany since 1996 and has invented a personal universe imbued with the style of the ancients, nourished by very pronounced references.
The group releases on stage an incredible complicity and a communicative energy, the fruit of a long-standing shared friendship.



Alan Paranthoën (Violin, Vocals)
Yann Le Bozec (Bass, Vocals)
Erwan Bérenguer (Electric Guitar, Vocals)
Youen Paranthoën (Accordion, Vocals)


2022: " La danse est enivrante", Klam Records, dist : L'Autre Distribution
2014: " An Huneour ", Klam Records, dist: l'Autre Distribution  
2011: Album 4 , Klam Records, dist: L'Autre Distribution  
2006: Album 3 , An Naer Produksion, dist: Coop Breizh
2002: " Spontus ha Kanerion Peuigne r", An Naer Produksion, dist: Coop Breizh
2000: Album 1 , An Naer Produksion, dist: Coop-Breizh


"With this 5th album, Spontus asserts itself as one of the essential bands on the scene "  music to dance " in Brittany  and beyond its borders.
Gerard Viel, Trad Magazine
"For fans of Breton music, the irreverence of "  Reloudeac  " gold "  With His Violin  will raise a smile or perhaps a grimace.  If you're not familiar with the Breton tradition, don't take An Huneour as a typical example:  just enjoy the obvious skill and experience of these lads.  The baroque sophistication of the mazurka Une Carrière Bien Filled, the stark melody of Tonton Jéjé,  and the dissonances of Cowboy Pajamas all have their own appeal."
Alex Monaghan, Folkworld
"The precision of the instrumentalists, their ability to dialogue, to seize the interstices, to exploit the dissonances and  modulations, to lead at the right tempo with this insight to carry out the work of harmony until the end  on minor dances sometimes underestimated, make Spontus an inspired group,  lively, festive and daring."
Dominique Le Guichaoua, Trad Magazine

Contact booking:

Fanch Paranthoen  / / (+33)695 308 008


Artistic File
Press photo #1 (Photo credit: Luc Cavellec)
Press photo #2 (Photo credit: Luc Cavellec)
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