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Erwan Menguy, a Breton flute player with an international reputation, has launched his first eponymous music project.

As the leader of the quartet, he has chosen to surround himself with string instruments for a resolutely acoustic result inspired by bluegrass bands or chamber music ensembles, based on a repertoire of his own compositions.

For this new creation, he team up with three talented musicians with whom he has been working for many years
– Erwan Bérenguer on the guitar, Kevin Le Pennec on the cittern and Hugues Lassere on the contrabass –
with a desire to bring them together in a more substantial format that allows a novel approach to the musical accompaniment as well as to the writing and arranging processes.


Erwan Menguy  (wooden flute, low whistle)
Erwan Berenguer  (Guitar)
Kevin Le Pennec (Cistre)
Hugues Lassere (double bass)

Ital Express
00:00 / 03:45
Contact BOOKING :

Fanch Paranthoën / / (+33) 695 308 008 

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