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Menace d'Eclaircie. Jo, Beber, Momo, Charli and Stephane.

The most rushed rock'n roll band in France.
Specialized in official inaugurations of all kinds, undisputed ambassadors of lose and never at the rendezvous, we  used to seeing them where we do not expect them.

With solid know-how and rich experience, they are above all guided by the unique bad faith of their charismatic leader “Jo”.

Having catastrophic tours and failed concerts for more than a decade, they continue to blast rock'n roll "clichés" one by one in a powerfull, funny and catchy show, to the delight of ZZ Top and André Verchuren fans.


Thomas Lotout  : Bombarde, biniou 
Jean-Marie Stephant : Percussion
Youen Paranthoen : Accordion
Nicolas Chatelet : baritone saxophone
Kerian Portebois  : Guitar


Sibiu International Theater Festival (Romania), Les mercredis du port (CNAR Citron Jaune), Horlofolies (La Chaux de Fonds), Fira Mediterrania in Manresa, Printemps des Abers (CNAR Le Fourneau), Les tombés de la nuit (Rennes), L'humour des Notes Haguenau, Houldizy Festival, Vivacité Festival (Sotteville), NoBorder Festival (Brest), Festival des Vendanges (Suresnes),Fêtes de Gayant (Douai), etc...

Technical elements

Representation in acoustics, fixed and/or wandering
Duration: 1h30
Modular in several passages (ideally 3 times 30mn)

Contact booking:

Fanch Paranthoen  / / (+33)695 308 008

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