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Dance, yes! That's what you feel when you hear this music. Dancing with your eyes riveted on the stage like when listening to a good old rock concert, or dancing in a circle watching the moving crowd.

Let yourself be welcomed by this generous music, invent steps, have fun, get lost, try to learn the traditional steps because your neighbor suggests dancing like that... approach the stage, listen while holding your hand, improvise a free movement because the musicians improvise on stage...

If in this show the references to tradition are deliberately masked or diverted, the ball is never far away.

Whether they approach the traditional ball, reminiscences of a Renaissance ball, a hint of club atmosphere, the six musicians have fun with their audience.

Guitar riffs, saturated violin, virtuoso bass, where gralla free, the permanent dialogue between these exceptional soloists builds bridges between sometimes distant musical universes.


Manu Ssabaté (Gralla, bass clarinet)

Alan Paranthoen (violin)

Yann Le Bozec (Bass)

Erwan Bérenguer (electric guitar)

Youen Paranthoen (Accordion)

Hugo Pottin (Drums)


Auditorium or marquee with dance floor.

Capacity of 150 to 400 people.

Duration: 1h20.

Technical sheet / Ride


  Press kit

  Press picture #1  (Photo credit: David Gallard)

  Press picture #2  (Photo credit: David Gallard)

Technical sheet

Plan  light


2016 creation supported by La DRAC Bretagne, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, Performing Arts in Brittany.

Co -production: Collectif Klam, La Grande Boutique Langonnet, Le Nouveau Pavillon Bouguenais, Fira Mediterrania Manresa, Echonova Vannes.

Artistic advisors: Yannick Jory, Sylvain Girault


FIRA Mediterrania de Manresa, Bogue d'Or (Redon), Intergalactic Festival of Alternative Images, Word of Mouth Festival (Parthenay), Eurofonik Festival (Nantes), Color of the World Festival (Langonnet), NoBorder (Brest), Center Artes Tradicionarius (Barcelona), Les Galettes du Monde Festival (Sainte Anne d'Auray), Interceltic Festival of Lorient, etc...



"The sixth album of the Bretons Spontus is a collaboration with the gralla player, Manu Sabaté. The gralla is a kind of bombarde from Catalonia. In addition to this instrument, Sabaté also plays the bass clarinet.

All compositions are by accordionist Youen Paranthoën. It is logical that these instruments require a central role in the sound. Nevertheless, Erwan Berenguer's guitar is the most remarkable. Berenguer, a well-known player of the open chord, rightly chooses an electric guitar with a short staccato sound. This gives the whole thing a bit of a Caribbean vibe that matches the swinging, up-tempo melodies.

The rhythmic duos Yann le Bozec (bass) and Hugo Pattin (percussion, drums) play very well. Violinist Alan Paranthoën completes the Spontus quintet.  The CD's main features are beautifully danceable, cheerful, not opposed to an improvisational sample but respecting recognizable but unconservative Breton melodic boundaries and structures.

  An excellent development in the fest-noz range. Probably Spontus' best record to date."

  marius  Roeting, NewFolkSounds (Dutch folk newspaper)



A musical bridge between Brittany and Spain for dance music! Musically, our ears are “full” of dance music rhythms from Brittany and elsewhere, grouped around the group Spontus and the Catalan musician (Manu Sabaté) with his Gralla. Traditional oboe dating from the Middle Ages which is associated with the music of the castells, (human pyramids of 6 to 10 floors) during socio-cultural events. The sound is quite close to the bombarde, but more nuanced and softer.

Since their beginnings, the Spontus team (grouped within the Klam collective), has always sought to innovate musically and to take the dancers into different sound horizons while respecting the tempos.

For this LP these "terrible" musicians offer us contemporary music open to the world, with warm sounds, and in universes that range from the world of jazz, sometimes even "jazz fusion" passing revisited trad music, and rock .

In the end they divert their music so much, that we sometimes wonder where we are! But it is certain that this album by Spontus and Manu Sabaté is made for dancing."  

Gérard Viel, 5 Planets

Contact booking:

Fanch Paranthoen  / / (+33)695 308 008

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