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Audrey Le Jossec: accordion

Erwan Berenguer: guitar

Yann Le Bozec: double bass



This disc presents an overview of the  repertoire of the group as it could be heard on stage between 2002 and 2013.

The group was built around Audrey Le Jossec (diatonic accordion) and her universe,

between Irish, Breton and Quebec music.

The dialogue she maintains with Erwan Bérenguer (guitar) within the different tracks is most interesting.

The harmony implied by the richness of the phrasing of the accordion is constantly underlined

by guitar accompaniment. The music is ethereal and even when it comes to dancing,

the double bass brings energy and nuances.

This disc has highlighted what is unanimous about the musicians of Imosima:

they are part of the traditional musicians who succeed in easily handling varied vocabularies in the service of a single language.


  • Recorded in Guidel at the studio Arthur Music in January 2011 by Ronan Le Jossec.

    Mixing: Ronan le Jossec and Erwan Berenguer

    Mastering: Ronan Cloarec

    Graphic design: Mickael le Bihannick

    Photographer: Eric Rousseau Velox Images

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    "Imosima offers us a coherent and promising first album"

    Gérard Viel, Trad Mag


    "Here is a trio that knows how to transport us into its universe, the symbiosis between these three musicians is obvious."

    Klervi Rivière, Cap Caval

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